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Consultancy Approach

We actively support you in developing, planning and implementing a competency management which fit you company’s needs.

It is crucial for a strategic Human Resource Management to react quickly and competently to the intricate relationships of market requirements and strategic company goals as well as the developments in the job market. This goal can only be achieved when a company manages to get an overview over the available competencies of their employees, to develop them further and, if necessary, to complement them through efficient recruiting. 

This means that the responsible key players need to know exactly

  • Which strategic guidelines exist in the company,
  • if processes and job profiles fit these guidelines and complement each other,
  • Which employees with which potential and which qualification are needed     where, when and in which way and if they have been hired already,
  • How these employees can be further supported and developed,
  • What an attractive reward and compensation system needs to look like in order to guarantee long-term employee retention,
  • How to establish an effective and long-term personnel controlling and
  • Which standards should apply to an effective personnel controlling.      

We actively support you in planning, developing and implementing fitting structures and instruments for building an efficient competency management.

We actively support you in developing both the structures and the tools needed to implement the targets mentioned here. For this, apart from our substantial knowledge in the field of occupational sciences, we build on many years of experience.This applies in particular to our experience with companies bound by collective agreements in the metal and electrical industries (all ERA variants, as well as company pay agreements) and the public service sector (TVöD, TV-L, Federal TVöD and In-House agreements).

Our consultancy approach is always focused on understanding what you want, what the general conditions in your company/organization are and which solutions are the best fit for you.

Please get in touch, we are happy to answer any of your questions. 

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