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Dr. Bettina Dilcher

Certified Psychologist (Diploma)

Design and implementation of reorganization projects in personnel management

  • Design and implementation of performance-oriented compensation systems in the context of competency management.    
  • Process & workplace analyses and assessment of job positions
  • Development and implementation of performance assessment systems
  • Design and introduction of employee performance interviews and target agreements
  • Mediation during the process of negotiating/designing company agreements
  • Introduction, maintenance and adaptation of ERA and TVöD

Dr. Nele Diekmann

M.A. Cultural Studies 

  • Planning and running intercultural workshops
  • Intercultural coaching
  • Translation English-German      
  • Proofreading, Editing

Max Dorando

Certified Economist (Diploma)
Business Educator
Supervisor (DGSV) 

  • Supervising intensive development processes for executives and young talents as well as internal counselors.
  • Executive training on how to introduce employee performance interviews.
  • Supervising change processes.

Abuzer Firat

Certified Computer Scientist (Diploma) 

  • Programming  (Java, C/C++)
  • Web Programming (PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax) 
  • Database Development (MySQL) 
  • Mobile Telecommunication Standards and Internet Protocols
  • Network Support

Rainer Haus

Certified Industrial Engineer (Diploma) 

  • Wide-ranging consultancy services relating to the labor economics sector/to production management
  • Introduction of target agreements / Balanced Scorecard
  • Management/negotiation of future-security collective agreements
  • Introduction of compensation systems
  • Development of a process for the assessment of job positions

Alexander Rühle

Certified Merchant (Diploma),
Certified Internal Auditor (CIA),
Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) 

  • Internal audits
  • Financial process mining 
  • Business process optimization
  • Internal controlling system
  • Employee audits
  • Project appraisal

Gerlinde Schönberg

Certified Educator (Diploma) 

  • Consulting role to support and manage change projects in the industrial and administrative sector (experiences in Germany, France, Belgium) 
  • Coaching for executives

Dr. Ralf Vogt

Legal Practitioner
Specialist Lawyer for Labor Law

  • Wide-ranging long-term consultancy services for employers, especially in the following sectors: trade, the construction industry, the automotive sector, the steel industry, waste management, banks and insurance companies
  • Germany-wide representation and promotion of employers’ interests in labor courts and arbitration committee proceedings

Dr. Michael Wilke


  • Management of complex change projects
  • Executive training, systemic coaching (SG), mediation
  • Physician-Physician dialogue
  • Assessments in the field of employee benefits law, focus on DRG
  • Surgery optimization 
  • Drug safety
  • Optimization of economic processes in hospitals

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