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Offered Services

Competency Management & Performance-Based Compensation

We actively support you in developing, conceptualizing and implementing: 

  • a comprehensive career model that is suited for your company and serves as a base for further developing and supporting your employees in a targeted manner,
  • workplace analyses, task descriptions and task assessments (also internationally) 
  • a performance-based compensation system, whose structure can also be implemented by companies bound by collective agreements on an international level, if needed
  • a system for performance assessment and target achievement and a corresponding incentive scheme,
  • a leadership development program in the following fields: career, promotion and development, compensation and performance, 
  • the operational implementation of the tools mentioned above (among other things: processes, procedural instructions, company agreements and legal clarifications, well-founded consultancy for choosing the most suitable IT structure),
  • target agreements.


contact person: 

Dr. Bettina Dilcher

certified psychologist

Labour Law, Corporate Co-Determination & Performance-Based Compensation

We support you in developing, conceptualizing and implementing…

  • Company agreements and/or in-house collective agreements,
  • Basics for work contracts (in the case that no binding commitment to collective agreements exists and for the non-tariff employees),
  • Matters that are relevant for co-determination and the consequences resulting from them,
  • Documents for involving the works council,
  • Legal assessment of whether German compensation models can also be enforced internationally. 


contact person

Dr. Ralf Vogt

Jurist | Labor law specialist

Implementation of IT-Solutions & Performance-Based Compensation

We support you in developing, conceptualizing and implementing:

  • Basic IT structures,
  • Models for their implementation,
  • Requirement specifications and technical specifications,
  • Tools for task and performance assessment; taking into account the interfaces of the existing software.


contact person

Abuzer Firat

Computer Scientist

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